“Trump Sucks” Straws

//“Trump Sucks” Straws

“Trump Sucks” Straws

It is said that in an effort to raise as much money as possible before the 2020 election. Donald Trump’s campaign team stumbled upon a novel and successful idea: selling plastic straws.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s official campaign website sells Trump-branded plastic straws for $15 each pack of 10pcs. These straws were introduced as an alternative to “Liberal” paper straws.

The bright red straws, Which laser-engraved with the word “Trump,” are being marketed as reusable and recyclable. And read: “”Liberal paper straws don’t work,” ” Support President Trump and buy recyclable straws today.”

Trump himself has spoken about the issue, saying: “I do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws.

“So you have a little straw. But what about the plates, the wrappers and everything else. That are much bigger and they’re made of the same material?”

“Straws have become a symbol of hypocrisy and measures that do not mean anything when it comes to solving the real problems of waste and responsibility,” he said.

“So the Trump campaign is pointing that out through merchandising.”

Environmental groups Opinion

However, now environmental groups say that plastic (like Trump’s straw ) is made from fossil fuels. Most plastic straws can’t actually be recycled, and the materials they use have no practical use.

This is a brutal slap in the face for Americans who understand that plastic pollution is a major environmental and human health crisis. This, some say, shows that environmental issues are nothing more than a “joke” to the President.

Many people consider plastic straws to be dangerous to marine life. So they are preferring alternatives such as paper straws, metal straws, glass straws etc.

Showed by a recent study, that the world generates 35 million tons of plastic pollution each year. About a quarter of plastic pollution is dumped in rivers, streams and oceans, and about 7.5 million plastic straws are scattered on beaches in the United States.

Out of concern that plastic pollution is harming the world’s oceans, some cities have passed legislation restricting or banning businesses from selling or using plastic straws.

Seattle was one of the first U.S. cities to ban plastic straws, and San Francisco, New York and Washington have joined the ranks. Following warnings from numerous environmentalist groups, companies that routinely use disposable straws and mixing sticks, including Starbucks, Disney and many airlines, have vowed to replace them with eco-friendly straws or recyclable caps.

The U.S. government lacks an understanding of how the current waste management infrastructure in the United States works. If they did, they would know that straws are too light to be recycled and are made of non-degradable materials.

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