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Project Description


Free Combination Stainless Steel Straws with Case 

As the OEM Stainless Steel Straw manufacturer in China, we supplies Reuasble metal drink straws with all Styles of package case as your requirements, such as European style, Singapore & Malaysia, Philippines & USA Style and so on.

Length:  215mm, 241mm, 267mm
Diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm
Style: Bendy, Straight
Color: Gold, Silver, Rose gold, Rainbow, Black
Material: 304/316 food-grade stainless steel
Package: PP bag, Sack, Paper Bag, Paper Box or Customized Gift box
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OEM Stainless Steel Straws with Case description:

1. Aleco straws is a professional factory of various stainless steel straws with Case, reusable metal smoothie straws.
2. Our factory have several different sizes of Stainless Steel Metal Drink Straws with different Case.
3. Metal Stainless Steel Straws are packaged in a drawstring bag for carrying with you on the go. Convenient to use.
4. Our ECO stainless steel straws with Case already passed SGS & FDA.

Below are some Stainless Steel Straws with Case packages we used for your ref.:
1. European Style with Classical Side-Opened Bag.
2. Malaysia Style with White and Black Sack or Velvet Bag.
3. USA Style with Customized Gift Box.
4. Philippines Style with Paper Bags.
5. Singapore Style with Wheat Straw Box.
6. Customized Style with Blister Card.
7. OEM/ODM with inner card in PP bag.

Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-Unique-Open-Side-Bag-Gift-Set-4 Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-Unique-Open-Side-Bag-Gift-Set-6 Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-Unique-Open-Side-Bag-Gift-Set-3 Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-Unique-Open-Side-Bag-Gift-Set-1 Colorful-Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-PP-bag-5 Colorful-Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-PP-bag-6 Metal-Drinking-Straws-with-paper-bag Metal-Straws-Wheat-Straw-Box-2 Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-Blister-Card-3 Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-Blister-Card-4 Stainless-Steel-Straws-with-Customized-Paper-box-1 Top-Open-Pocket-for-Metal-Drinking-Straws-2 Stainless-Steel-Metal-Drinking-Straws-with-Case-2 Stainless-Steel-Metal-Drinking-Straws-with-Case-4 Stainless-Steel-Metal-Drinking-Straws-with-Case-1

Aleco Straws Warranty and Guarantee: 

1. Free Sample are Available for you to test our Good Quality.
2. Feel free to send us email, and we guarantee that your information will not be disclosed.
3. Any questions will be replied within 1 business day.
4. We can ship the Stainless Steel Straws to you By Sea, By Air and By Express: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT and so on, the fastest way only takes 3-5 days once ship out.

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